Help Prevent Distracted Driving




Device plugs into the DC / cigarette outlet of a car to determine when car starts. When the app pairs with the device, then certain functionality of the mobile phone is monitored, limited, started, or prevented by the app. The solution is used to monitor and track the behaviors of a driver and the device, monitoring that the driver pairs the app with the device, and thus use of solution while driving. Prohibited behaviors on the mobile phone are prevented or recorded, and an alarm can be triggered if the driver attempts to perform these behaviors.



Intuitive App that Pairs with Device

App allows you to track your progress and monitor other drivers, such as teenage drivers and family members, to help prevent distracted driving. 

Improve Yourself or Monitor Other Drivers


 Each trip is registered and any violations in behavior are recorded. The solution can be used to simply improve your own habits if you have an issue with using the phone while driving. Or, you can add drivers to your account and monitor these drivers in order to improve behavior; for example, a teenage driver that is constantly on the phone.

Stop or Select Mobile Phone Functionality while Driving


Three different option menus while driving can either help to eliminate all mobile phone functionality or potentially select access only to certain applications.